UX design, people-centered research and strategy

Passion for design-thinking and systems-thinking approaches to bring people and technology closer, creating harmonious digital experiences, SaaS products, online communities and mobile applications. I can deliver on a career’s worth of communication and facilitation skills aiming to empower people and translate their needs and desires into successful business metrics.


I’m lucky that most of my work has been less work, more continual learning and collaboration with businesses and social changemakers. Their support of user-centric processes has helped me to be comfortable navigating uncertainty as the how’s and why’s emerge. I value dharma over drama, and am equally comfortable interfacing with product owners, clients and development teams. Select below to see examples. Interested in hearing more about process? Reach out and let’s talk.


The Venn diagram shows how career decisions have led me to doing what I love: User Experience Design. Through the journey, I’ve had responsibilities ranging from supporting posts to leadership roles. Personally, I’m motivated by simple pleasures, complex challenges and strive for equanimity.

Business Strategy

Business Strategy

Previous work in ad agencies, in-house communications and business ownership means I can deliver on business competencies. Metrics, budgets and timelines are part of my professional DNA.
I earned my chops as a writer and researcher, studying consumer behavior to influence purchases and brand loyalty. Then fulfilled a longtime dream: diving deep into immersive User Experience training. UX tools provide the insights and validation to better inform decisions. Informed decisions are better decisions, and make for more lasting ROI and meaningful experiences.

Partial Client List: Business Strategy and Technology

Pepsi, ReMax International, Kenny Rogers Roasters, Proctor & Gamble, Classic Exhibits/ ClassicModul, BizFirstStop (Kauffman Foundation)

People and Communities

People-Centered Design

Working on cross-discipline teams in community development, I learned people-centric research methods and design thinking for social strategies. I got to build digital tools for scenario planning and websites to connect people, ideas and funding to solve complex challenges.
These collaborative design experiences transformed my own mental model and shifted my focus from market-driven to people-centered strategies. I’m comfortable navigating through uncertain waters, and have developed skills to maintain strategic focus as insights from the how’s and why’s emerge.

Partial Client/Funder List: People-Centered Design and Technology

Kellogg Foundation, Sustainability Institute, Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation, Communities by Choice, Berea College, U.K. Appalachian Center, E.K.U. Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology, U.S. AID

User Experience Spectrum

User Experience

I can deliver on end-to end user experience drawing from a career that encircles UX-related disciplines.
As long as I can recall, I’ve been intrigued about what makes people happy. I know. Happiness can't be made or manufactured, it has to come from within. But good experiences—those that remove frustrations, barriers and time-wasters—do make life easier, create better experiences and increase the overall happiness factor.

Partial Client List: User Experience

Thomson Reuters, Nike, Sustainable Communities Action Town, JustChoice Lending and Wei Kitchen.